Steph Wulz

Radio Flyer Packaging Design

Work done for Radio Flyer's Ziggle 9-L Packaging, a childhood ride-on and winner of the 2014 Chicago Innovation Award.



From international 9-L packaging design adjustments to orchestrating photo shoots with young talent, Radio Flyer provided insight into the power of a tight-knit, family-run business.

As a designer at Radio Flyer, my primary responsibility was working with the Quality Assurance Team to ensure our packaging was up-to date with proper legal requirements. Doing so sharpened my attention to detail knowing that these specific warnings were directly affecting the lives and safety of those using the products. Amongst our two-person visual design team, I worked on internal corporate designs for various photo shoots and events, provided interior design research for the new photo studio, conducted presentations about my learnings, and fostered strong relationships with my fellow coworkers.



The University of Notre Dame Designer Spotlight.

The University of Notre Dame sponsored my summer time in Chicago and interviewed me on-site to see what a day in the life as a Flyer was like. Featuring moments at the cutting table mocking up boxes, gathering feedback in critique with my Creative Director, and spending time editing photography from photo shoots, the interview allowed me to reflect on the many insights of being able to design work that hit the shelves of major retail stores, like Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.